Exam Scheduling and Distribution

Information for instructors of online courses. Please read and take action.

First, identify the ODUOnline course assessment method that you will use, this semester:

  1. Online exams or projects.

    If you will use online-delivered projects and/or online exams for any of your course assessment this semester, click the Submit non-proctored exam information button (to the right), log in, and complete the form.

  2. Non-online tests/exams for which you want your students to be proctored.

    If your students will need proctors for one or more of your tests/exams, click the Schedule proctored exam button (to the right), log in, and complete the form to notify ODUOnline of your exam dates and to enable distribution of your exams to your students.

    If your students will need proctors for their exams

    1. You are not expected to provide proctors for your students. That is your students’ responsibility, and it is carefully managed by ODU’s Office of Distance Learning.
    2. You might want to include the location of the instructions for Exams and Proctors in your information to students: https://online.odu.edu/coursework/exams-proctors. (NOTE: Your students have been informed of this. Please remind them to read all e-mail from ODU.)
    3. You are urged to offer the exam for a longer window of time than usual. 72 hours of test window is suggested. ODUOnline offices proctor students on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3:00 and 7:00 pm.
    4. Opscans and Bluebooks will not be sent either to web conference students or to testing centers.

    One of the options for proctored exams is using Proctor U.
    If you would like more information about ProctorU, there will be a webinar every Wednesday in September. You can join the meeting from your computer, tablet, smartphone by going to:
    Or by dialing in via telephone by at:

    +1 (571) 317-3116 and using the access code 886-699-909 when prompted.

    To complete the Schedule proctored exam form:

    1. Enter your MIDAS ID and password.
    2. Your name and course number should auto-fill.
    3. Enter the title for the exam.
    4. NOTE: Exams must be scheduled early – no later than one week before your exam – so that staff can schedule exam distribution.
    5. Review Unconfirmed Exam information and click Confirm

    Not later than four business days before your exam, upload and distribute your test:

    1. Return to (address and click Schedule…)
    2. In top grey box, click the drop-down list beside Exams
    3. Click Distribute Exam
    4. Under Confirmed Exams, click Distribute Exam
    5. Review the information about your exam
    6. Click the appropriate boxes for directions for your students’ proctors
    7. Report the number of pages of your exam
    8. Write all of the instructions that you would like your students’ proctors to receive
    9. Upload your exam page(s)
    10. Click Review to see (via blue buttons) the cover page that will be distributed with your exam
    11. If all is correct, press green Distribute Exam button at bottom of page

    To change an exam date:
    Click the "Change Exam" button on the Schedule proctored exam form in the drop-down list under Exams.

    Regarding Teaching Assistants:
    The Schedule Proctored Exam page is set up to be used by instructors, and it can only be accessed by one person’s MIDAS ID. If you choose to have your Teaching Assistant (TA) use the site, please send the TA’s name and MIDAS ID (not UIN) to clt@odu.edu. NOTE: only one MIDAS ID can be used in the system. If it is the TA’s, then he/she will upload the exams.

If you need help, or have any questions, please contact:

Exam Schedules & Proctors:
Anita Wiggins-Bailey
Exam Distribution:
Harry Boucicaut